A suite of tools for managing projects along with tools within Microsoft Office Word and excel.

The add-on for Microsoft Word provides additional functionality for managing and editing multiple documents. Some of the specific features it includes are:

  • Find & Replace across multiple documents.
  • A document/specification builder command.
  • Special characters copy clipboard command.
  • Commands to automatically navigate to the next or previous document in a folder.

The Excel add-on also includes features such as find & replace across multiple spreadsheets, special characters copy clipboard command, and commands to automatically navigate to the next or previous spreadsheets in a folder.

RockOFFICE add-on for Microsoft Outlook includes similar commands as the Word add-on, such as special characters copy clipboard command. Additionally, the Outlook add-on has some additional commands specifically designed for Outlook, such as:

  • Automatically saving attachments from emails.
  • Checking saved contact details formats and duplicates.
  • A command to search for duplicate saved emails in a selected MS Outlook folder.

These additional commands are designed to help users better manage their emails and attachments, and make it easier to work with contacts and email messages. These features are particularly useful for users who work with large numbers of emails, as it allows them to quickly and easily manage their inbox and attachments.

The ‘Project explore’ tool allows users to store a list of projects, including the name, project number, network folder and Microsoft Outlook folder locations. This allows for easier searching and navigating to the project, making it more convenient and efficient for users to access and work on the project. This feature is particularly useful for users who work with multiple projects at a time, as it allows them to quickly access the project they need without having to manually search through their files or folders. Additionally there is a tool to create a project which will then if the option is selected, automatically create a predefined set of project folders on the network and a folder within outlook.